giporlos-pnpTACLOBAN CITY – A civilian was killed after being shot by a police officer in Barangay Paya Giporlos, Eastern Samar.

The victim was identified as Nilo Catugda, resident of Barangay Paya while the suspect was SPO2 Cesar Cabardo, 50 yrs old, assigned as a police officer at Quinapondan, Eastern Samar MPS but lives in Giporlos, Samar.

Base on the spot report of Giporlos PNP,  the victim was under the influence of intoxicating liquor creating alarm, shouting on the top of his voice challenging to fight bone SPO4 Alejandro Candilosas.

Thereafter, the aforesaid suspect arrived on board with single motor vehicle with his companion SPO2 Cesar Cabardo.

Wherein, SPO2 Cabardo drew his short fire arm and fired once as warning shot directing on the ground.

On the process of confrontation, SPO2 Cabardo shot the victim twice which result a gunshot wounds on the different parts of the victim’s body.

But according to some witnesses, it was SPO2 Cesar Cabardo who threatened the victim.

They said that the victim pleaded for mercy and said it would not fight.

The police let the victim ran it and shot him twice.

The victim sustained two gun shot wounds at his lumbard area.

Said victim was rushed to Albino Duran Memorial Hospital for prompt medical attention but it was pronounced dead on arrival by the attending physician.

PCInsp Clark Chavaria, Chief of Giporlos PNP, confirmed that the police were drunk.

SPO2 Cabardo is now facing a Murder case for murdering a civilian./