Leyte Sports Development Center Male Rest Room. isumat.com
Leyte Sports Development Center Male Rest Room. isumat.com

Joggers at the Leyte Sports Center in Sta. Cruz Tacloban City are complaining about the foul smell emanating from the male rest room of the said sport facility.
It turned out that the urinal is clogged and full of urine spilling to the floor.

According to sources, this has been the condition of the rest room for several months already prompting them to seek the assistance of isumat.com to bring the matter to the attention of the Leyte Sports Center management.

"The thing speaks for itself" No further explanation.
“The thing speaks for itself” No further explanation.

So, what is the Manager doing about this matter? This is plain and simple incompetence on the part of the people running the day to day operation of the sport center.

If the manager cannot even direct his people to perform a simple task of fixing the clogged urinal then how can we expect him to perform bigger and complicated tasks?

I remember a story of a business owner who regularly makes an unannounced visit to his businesses. Upon arrival, he goes directly to the comfort room to check if it’s well maintained or not. His principle is that a clean rest room is reflective of a good business manager specially so if your place is frequented by people who patronize your enterprise. In situations where it’s dirty according to his standards, then the manager ends up cleaning the rest rooms himself.

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If the in-charge of the sports center in under the employ of the said businessman, for sure he will also end up cleaning the restroom himself. Fortunately, he is under the payroll of the government who is perceived to be a poor business manager.