The fishing village of Bislig in Tanauan, Leyte is drawing visitors who are enjoying the experience of fresh seafoods breakfast right there where the fishermen dock with their day’s catch.

The catch of fish, crabs, shrimps, pusit, after weighing are sold at the stalls. They are then cooked according to the desire of the buyers — grilled, steamed, kinilaw, Tinola. Steamed Rice is also sold at the area which is now frequented by families, bikers and food connoisseurs.

Meet the Bislig Cabuynan Fisherfolks and Farmers Association, BISCAFFA for short, the members of which manage the different sections – some are in charge of selling the catch, others are in charge of cooking, others are dish washers. All these activities are done deliberately complying with health protocols.

Leyte Governor Mic Petilla was the first to mention about the abundance once again of seafood in this part of Tanauan, Leyte. When you go there, he told this writer, look for the president Renato Caonte and lo, he was there to tell the story.

In the aftermath Super Typhoon Yolanda which devastated the area in 2013, the fisherfolks of Bislig and the adjacent barangay of Cabuynan grouped together to form an association, Renato said, to protect the fishing Grounds from illegal fishers.

By protecting the fishing Grounds, seafoods now abound in the area – Mamsa, Tanguige, Tawaay, Buron, Lawaay, Tambong, Buraw, Lapis, Palad. They also catch Locon, pusit and crabs.

The 54 fishermen members’ catch are sold at the talipapa adding P10/kilo for the maintenance of the area and the salary of those who take turns of being on duty for the day, which is 40 percent of the day’s income.

Renato intimated that Governor Petilla has been helping the association. In fact, he has given the association the needed materials and funding for wing oyster production. This is the kind of oyster that produced Pearl, Renato said.

BFAR, Renato said, is also helping the association. In fact, it has given them Tilapia production so in case they are unable to fish ashore, they have a fall back.

He added that the LGU is also planning to set up a fish Landing in the area.

More than the good food, fresh seafood, courteous and friendly staff, the place at the fishing Village of Bislig is a living testament of the resiliency of the fisherfolks and farmers. (PIA-8)