NAVAL, Biliran, February 13 (PIA) – Despite the series of arrests of people allegedly involved in the illegal drugs activities for the past weeks in Naval, the capital town of Biliran province and in other towns in the province, help from the community was also sought by the Philippine National Police (PNP)-Biliran Police Provincial Office (BPPO) Police Advisory Council (PAC) in its fight against the social menace.

The Biliran PNP provincial advisory council meet on February 11 and the center of the discussions was focused on various ways to curb the presence of illegal drug activities in Naval town and in Biliran province as a whole.

Naval Vice-Mayor Redentor C. Villordon, Naval PAC legal counsel, suggested for the involvement of the community in the fight against illegal drugs in the presence of Naval Mayor Susan V. Parilla, Naval PAC chairman, P/Inp III Rosario Abad-Lora, Naval PAC vice-chairman, Fr. Kenneth P. Hendricks, Rodrigo S. Victoria, representive of Flordelis Jackson, Information Center Manager of the Philippine Information Agency, Biliran InfoCen and Pablo Cipriano, chief security officer, representative of Naval State University (NSU).

Villordon cited the efforts of the Philippine National Police (PNP) in their actions on illegal drugs and even appreciated the recent arrests of persons allegedly involved in the illegal drugs activities, however, he said the community should be involved to make it stronger and more effective.

“The participation of the community in the fight against illegal drugs is a big factor and a strong deterrent” Villordon opined saying this would send a strong signal to the people in the illegal drugs activities that the fight is not only for the police authorities but it likewise involve the community.

In the next meeting of the PAC, Mayor Parilla will invite heads of the different civil society organizations (CSOs) here in Naval including heads of student groups and organizations in NSU with the purpose of soliciting the groups’ contribution to fight against illegal drugs.

Meanwhile, several resolutions for endorsement to concerned legislative bodies in Biliran province have been discussed by the PAC in the previous meeting. It is expected that the local laws when approved is a big help in the fight against illegal drugs. (fj/rvitoria/PIA 8 Biliran)