pnpCATARMAN, Northern Samar, November 11 (PIA) – The Northern Samar Police Provincial Office (NSPO) thru the leadership of the newly installed Provincial Director PSSupt. Ceasar Zafiro Tannagan informed about shifting their approach in intensifying the campaign against illegal drug from the Project Double Barrel to Project Double Barrel Alpha.

Project Double Barrel the first stance in the drive against illegal drugs, was launched in accordance to the marching order of President Rodrigo Roa Duterte .

Outright in the implementation of the project, PNP NS was able to identify 137 affected barangays or 24% of the 569 barangays of the whole province, with 176 users and 288 pushers totalling to 464 drug personalities. This project has two long-standing approaches, that of Upper Barrel, pursuing High Value Targets and the Lower Barrel, Project “Tokhang,” the “toktok-hangyo” visiting and knocking at the doors of the houses of watch listed illegal drug users and pushers.

Since July of 2016, the project has been proven effective and continuously winning grounds with the unexpected influx of surrenderees and neutralization of drug personalities, said Tannagan. Starting October 26, 2016, Tannagan informed that direction shifted from Project Double Barrel to Project Double Barrel “Alpha,” an extension and expansion of the project to focus on the neutralization of High Value Targets (HVT) involved in illegal drug trade and drug clearing operations of all drug-affected barangays nationwide.

This accordingly, will enhance PNP’s anti-illegal drugs strategy and address Extra Judicial Killings. In a report presented during the MASA MASID launching, accomplishment of PNP NSPPO for Projects Double Barrel from July 1 to October 2016, recorded to 36 operations conducted, 36 persons arrested, 4 killed and 21 cases filed in courts.

For Double Barrel “Alpha,” from October 26 to November 3, they conducted 8 operations, 7 persons arrested, 1 killed and 48 cases filed in courts. The milestone accomplishment was the arrest of one Orlando Andales y Frago, leader of Andales Group, No. 16 in the rank of the National Level High Value Target and ranked No. 2 in the Regional Level HVT.

This, according to Police Chief Inspector Rafael Tayaban is attributed to the unrelenting efforts of the new PNP Provincial Director PSSupt Ceasar Zafiro Tannagan who seriously calling all those into illegal drugs activity to stop, surrender, or else face the consequences. “I am willing to have a dialogue with you, I am willing to listen, but I am serious in this drive.” (ADiaz/PIA-Northern Samar)