Philmar nielo y villanueva (left) mourns after his brother Phillip Villanueva Nielo, shot to death by police officers after escaped

TACLOBAN CITY – A member of a ‘notorious’ theft-robbery in Tacloban City who was under the police’s

watch list was shot to death by escort police officer after attempting to escape & assaulted the escort police,
Saturday evening.

Police Chief Elmer Jabiñar of San Jose Police Station identified the suspect as Phillip Villanueva Nielo, with
live in partner, 23 years old and a resident of Baranggay Utap, Tacloban City.

PSInsp Jabiñar said that aside from being a noted notorious theft in the city, Nielo is also a suspect for killing a Baranggay Chairman.

Last June 3 the suspects were brought to Tacloban City Hospital for medical examination, together with his brother philmar nielo y villanueva to prove that they are in good physical condition before detainment.

While the subject person is having a medical check up, said escapee was aprehended by virtue of WOA for theft with his brother/compinion philmar nielo y villanueva was restrain after the incident also apprehended by the virtue of WOA.

The suspects attempted to bolt from their police escorts while they were about to exit from the hospital that went into a pursuit.

Police said the suspect assaulted the police escort which trigger the officers to shot.

This lead the instantaneous death of Phillip Nielo.