NAVAL, Biliran, April 9 (PIA) – The Kapwa Ko, Mahal Ko Foundation Incorporated-Cebu will extend free surgical, dental and optical services to identified indigent residents in Caibiran town and its neighboring areas on April 18 (Saturday).

This was learned from Noel Plaza, Chapter Head of Brotherhood o Christian Businessmen and Professionals (BCBP), Naval Chapter.

He said that a medical team composed of 45 health professionals and 45 volunteers and staff from Kapwa Ko, Mahal Ko targeted to serve more or less 900 clients for the actual free health services.

There are 150 clients for the surgical service in which 130 of it are intended for circumcision and some 50 clients for the excision of cysts; 150 clients for the dental service; 350 clients for the optical service with accompanying distribution of free eyeglasses; and blood diagnostics with 200 clients to include blood typing, random blood sugar testing and hematocrit determination.

Interested residents in Caibiran and its neighboring areas are advised to register with the local health workers of the town and their respective barangays who will distribute pre-listing tickets that will be presented during the scheduled date of the health services.

The clients who were already given the pre-listing tickets for the free health services are also advised to report earlier than the scheduled time of start of the health services which is set at 8:00 o’clock in the morning at the Caibiran Auditorium.

The identified clients who were given the pre-listing tickets are further advised to strictly observe the following schedules since clients will be served on a first-come,first serve basis like the giving of priority numbers at 7:30 to 11:00 in the morning; registration time at 7:40 to 11:30 in the morning only; actual health services at 8:00 to 12 noon and from 1:00 to 3:00 in the afternoon.

The free health services is in close coordination with the BCBP–Naval chapter which also tapped the voluntary services of the Biliran Medical Society, Biliran Dental Society and other group of health professionals in the province of Biliran.

BCBP-Naval recognizes the big role and contribution of the local government unit of Caibiran led by Mayor Eulalio Maderazo and the personnel of the rural health unit of the municipality for the successful holding of the upcoming first Kapwa Ko, Mahal Ko free health services in Biliran province. (aen/fj/rvictoria/PIA 8 Biliran)