Calbayog City Mayor Ronald Aquino.
Calbayog City Mayor Ronald Aquino.

CALBAYOG CITY, (PNA) – The city government here is seeking for a four-month commercial fishing moratorium in Samar Sea to address the depleting marine resources in the area.

Mayor Ronaldo Aquino, chairman of Samar Sea Alliance, said the proposed moratorium is part of their drive for food sufficiency in Samar province.

“One strategy is that local government units must implement a unified resolution banning fishing in Samar Sea from March to June of every year,” Aquino said. These months are known as spawning season of fishes.

Banning fishing on said months would result to more catch and higher income for fishermen.

Fish supply has dwindled in Samar Sea in the past decade. Based on reports, from more than 500 marine species in Samar Sea, only 97 species are present. This was due to overfishing and illegal fishing, according to Aquino.

The problem over illegal fishing has also affected the tinapa (smoked fish) industry of Calbayog, which has been supporting the livelihood activities of hundreds of families.

The city has 10 major tinapa producers, distributing products not only in the city, but other parts of the country as well.

To curb over and illegal fishing, the city government strictly implements its anti-illegal fishing ordinance, install artificial reefs, declared new fish sanctuaries, and plant mangrove trees to expand breeding and feeding grounds of marine resources. (PNA)