CATBALOGAN CITY, Samar(PIA) – Calbayog City officials led by Mayor Ronald Aquino marked Family Planning Month with a Family Health Fair this August 15 in Calbayog City.

Aquino stressed the need for couples of reproductive age to plan their family according to their beliefs and circumstances through legally and medically acceptable family planning methods.

Based on a press release penned by Aimee Catalan, it said that Aquino in his message, lauded the Department of Health for such a health intervention program he considers important to improve the health and welfare of mothers, children and other members of the family.

He also said that the program concerns some matters of economic development as the country’s progress, also depends on its population.

To note, the projected population of the Philippines according to the Commission on Population (POPCOM) as of August 15, 2014 is 100,091,177.

With this ballooning figure, Aquino stressed that investing in family planning will reduce poverty, increase participation in both education and the workforce and give women a greater say in their households and communities thus resulting to higher incomes for families and an improved prosperity for the country.

The program is anchored on four basic principles – responsible parenthood, respect for life, birth spacing and informed choice. (AJC/NBQ/PIA 8- Samar with Aimee Catalan, Calbayog City Mayor’s Office