TACLOBAN CITY, Aug. 9 (PNA) – The An Waray Partylist has labelled the call of President Rodrigo R. Duterte to abolish the country’s party list system as unfair to hardworking representatives.

“As a party list representative, I know for myself how hard working my co-partylist representatives are and their participation is unparalleled,” said An Waray Rep. Victoria G. Noel.

While the official agrees to the President’s conclusion that the system has been subject to abuses, however, this is “not the fault of the honest to goodness party list.”

“It may be on the screening process of the Commission on Elections and even with the Supreme Court for the last several years. I do not conform with the abolition, but I go for reform or amend the party list law,” Noel said.

Party lists representatives in the previous Congress had already made some amendments of the law, however, it was not ratified.

“We agree that there should be a reform and really make sure that people are well represented in the House of Representatives,” she added.

Noel noted that party-list representatives religiously attend committee hearings, constituting a quorum.

“Party-list representatives have the most number of filed bills for their different advocacies. It is unfair that party-list will be abolished.”

Early this month, Duterte aired his plan to abolish the party list system in the country, saying that it is a “mockery of the law.”

The President intends to abolish the party-list system when the Constitution is overhauled through a constituent assembly. (PNA)