no-smokingTACLOBAN CITY, Oct. 28 (PNA) — This city has stepped up its drive against smoking in public places through the enforcement of a local ordinance.

The city’s anti-smoking ordinance widens its scope to indoor smoking restrictions by including restaurants; air-conditioned establishments; and other places such as public transport, parks, sport stadiums, and airports.

The ordinance also prohibits the posting of advertising materials of tobacco firms anywhere.

The city government also reiterated the ban of selling cigarettes to minors,

which had been ignored by some stores, Vice Mayor Jerry Yaokasin noted.

“The best way to protect non-smokers’ health is to provide a smoke-free environment,” Yaokasin added.

According to the official, a task force from the city hall is enforcing the ban uniformly and sending out inspectors for surprise checks to establishments and even small stores to check their compliance to the ordinance. (PNA)