Marabut Island Rock formatio in  Marabut Samar.
Marabut Island Rock formation in Marabut Samar.

CATBALOGAN CITY, Samar, March 26 (PIA)- Samar guests may try snorkeling, swimming, white water rafting and other eco-tourism adventures through an aggressive campaign called Summer in Samar.

“Let us disprove that Samar is an insurgency hotspot, a typhoon stricken land and the home of the Waray-Waray gangsters. Samar is the new emerging alternative tourist destination this summer,” one government official said.

To prove that the province has gone beyond this negative impression. the province will launch “Summer in Samar” campaign to hook yuppies in backpacks from neighboring towns and other parts of the country to try the different ‘tourism ready’ destinations.

While most people from outside would have negative impression of Samar, they need to know that the island is rich in history, culture, eco-tourism spots, rich marine life and many more.

Sohoton Cave
Sohoton Cave

Governor Sharee Ann Tan in a recent meeting stated that she is endorsing the Sta Rita, Marabut, Basey tourist loop where tourists can experience the grand San Juanico Bridge in Sta Rita, frolick in the white beaches of Marabut and sail in the Golden River in Basey to check out the world famous Sohoton cave, the tourist can also go shopping with decorative mats from the ‘tikog reed’ and even experience weaving mats with the locals in some caves.

Another tourist destination is the Olot River where adventurists can go white river rafting with experienced boatmen in torpedo-like boats, they can watch the last forest frontier in the country. Only in Samar are exotic flora and fauna – an spilled out and in a rare experience may watch the Monkey eating eagle soar.

The Pinabacdao mangrove site also offers a natural spawning ground for the rich marine life that Samar produces.

As to history, it was Samar island particularly Homonhon (now part of Guiuan, E Samar) which signaled the discovery of the east in 1521. It is also considered the 3rd largest island in the country. The missionaries also established the Catholic Faith in October 1596 with the coming of the Jesuits.

Samar also gained national significance during the second world war. Due to its proximity to Leyte, war preparations versus the Japenese Imperial forces spilled over to Samar. Significantly, famous is the Battle of Samar Sea.

Golden River in Basey Samar.
Golden River in Basey Samar.

As the grand launch gets near, the tourism council is preparing an opening salvo of A Grand Night under the Samar Sky where the local government with some invited celebrities can welcome tourists through a night of cultural relevance and gastronomic fiesta of the rich marine produce of the island.

Tourists and balikbayans are then urged: Try Summer in Samar!” (ajc/nbq/PIA 8-Samar)