CALBAYOG CITY, Samar — Two kids are currently in critical condition when some of the bullets intended to another person from gunmen who were riding a motorcycle went astray and hit them while queuing up at the front gate of a beach resort here for a supposed weekend outing.

The target person was also wounded but now recuperating in a medical facility in this city.

Based on the police report obtained by the Aksyon Radyo Catbalogan , the wounded kids were identified as Angel S Baylon, 14 and was hit on her head, and Missy Suela, 12, who was hit on the upper right chest with the bullet going through; while the target person was identified as one Jimboy Jalayajay Tomnob aka Jimboy Dealagdon and a resident of Brgy. San Jose, this city.

Report showed that at around 1:10pm on Saturday, Tomnob was walking along the highway within the vicinity of Brgy. Bagacay, this city, when two unidentified gunmen in a motorcycle fired shots at the victim hitting him at his right forearm.

The victim however reportedly was able to run towards the front gate of a beach resort in the area as the gunmen made a chase while firing their shots which resulted for the stray bullets to hit the two kids who were at the front gate of the resort reportedly paying up for their entrance fees.

The gunmen sped off towards the city proper with the police still trying to figure out the identity of the suspects.

All of the 3 gunshot victims were brought to a medical facility here, but later on, the 2 kids were immediately referred to a medical facility in Tacloban City due to the critical injuries they obtained.

As of this writing, the 14 year old Baylon still is fighting for her life and was again reportedly referred to another hospital in Ormoc City due to the absence of Neuro Surgeon on Saturday in Tacloban City.

From the City Police report, the possible motive of the shooting incident allegedly was due to an old personal grudge between the unidentified assailants and the target victim.

But a city resident who requested not to be identified for security risks told ARC that the target victim is a political leader allegedly of the Red Camp here.

” He used to be with the Yellow Camp, I just don’t know if he has a pending warrant, but he is known to be a supporter of politicians from the Liberal Party before, until such time that he jumped off ship and is now working for the opposing group”, the source alleged.

“I totally abhor these killings in my city sir, this has been going on for decades, and this is not the first time that innocent children are dragged and being victimized by this mess, please help us stop these killings in our city”, added the ARC source.

Upon checking with the confidential member-list of various Private Armed Groups (PAGs) operating in the Province of Samar obtained earlier by ARC from PNP Sources, the name of the target person was present in the said list as Emboy Dealagdon. (By Rommel L. Rutor)