Philippine Red Cross Chairman Richard Gordon

TANAUAN, Leyte, (PNA) – The Philippine Red Cross (PRC) vowed to finish all projects they have started in Yolanda-hit communities by 2017.

PRC Chairman Richard Gordon said ongoing projects include health centers, houses, and numerous livelihood opportunities for the victims.

In Leyte alone, PRC has already donated 29,000 houses and they are about to finish an additional 5,000 or a total of 34,000 houses for the province.

Gordon emphasized that their focus are on housing, school building constructions and livelihood projects so as not to delay the education of children.

Gordon said they are targeting that by 2017, all the projects intended for the victims of super typhoon Yolanda will be finished.

“However, PRC will stay beyond 2017, but our work will focus on building the capacity of people to be a member of a resilient community,” Gordon added.

PRC is also building a training center and two warehouses in Leyte. The humanitarian organization acquired their own boat which could dock in places without ports to respond to the needs of disaster-stricken communities.

Gordon was in the province to lead the turnover of new classrooms to several schools in Tanauan town and Tacloban City. (PNA)