Leyte Vice Governor Atty. Carlo P. Loreto. File Photo
Leyte Vice Governor Atty. Carlo P. Loreto. File Photo

TACLOBAN CITY, April 13 (PNA) – For a month now, the weekly agenda of the Leyte provincial board has been available online, advancing the government’s transparency efforts.

Leyte Vice Governor Carlo P. Loreto said online posting is part of the provincial board’s paperless system, which was re-launched last month.

“Posting the agenda online through the carloloreto.com site allows legislators to access data online through their laptops and mobile devices,” Loreto said.

“Board members can read the agenda for the upcoming sessions wherever they are. In a click, they can already read and review our agenda.”

The provincial board also shares the agenda in its official Facebook page.

“It also contains the necessary documents and is available to the public. With this, the government is more transparent. Everyone can check the documents anytime,” Loreto added.

Sharing the agenda to social network encourage people to contribute to the exchanges to the debate, no hidden agenda, according to him.

Through social media, the public can express his opinion to the proposed ordinances for consideration in the deliberation. More than transparency, the technology also contributes to protecting the environment.

“For every one thousand pieces of paper, one tree is being cut. It is about time that we intensify our move to save mother earth,” he said.

It also contributes to the savings not just of the province as well as the town who sends copies of their ordinances and resolutions for review by the board.

A town council does not have to bring at least 15 copies of ordinances for each board member. One copy is enough for uploading online.

The board previously launched the paperless system in September 2013 in compliance with the Philippine Electronics Commerce Act of 2000. The system was disrupted by impacts of super typhoon Yolanda in 2013. (PNA)