The ill fated oil tanker.
The ill fated oil tanker. (Photo by Jeffrey Epoy Maranan)

PINABACDAO, Samar (February 2, 2016) — Representatives of Total Oil and Gas Resources, Inc. claimed ownership of the ill-fated oil tanker that rammed into a residential area and subsequently blew-up early Sunday in Barangay Lale, this town, which resulted to the burning to death of 7 people, including 3 children.

The company’s Sales Manager Garry Ortega Giray and Depot Supervisor Fidel Macapanas presented themselves to authorities today and further identified their driver as Romeo Oquien, a native of Negros Province.

As this developed, the 3 other cadavers were found to be hitchhikers of the oil tanker hailing from Barangay Inangatan, Tabango, Leyte, and were identified as Evangeline Luchaves of legal age, Apple Chan Luchaves (7 years old), and Keisha Jane Luchaves (4 years old).

The 4 cadavers were unidentified since last Sunday.

The other 3 fatalities were residents of Barangay Lale, and were earlier identified by the PNP as couple Michael Buenavides (20 years old) and Maryjoy Balundo Buenavides (18 years old) and their 6 months old daughter Angela.

Early morning on Sunday, the Total Oil Tanker was traversing Maharlika Highway and reportedly went out of control and rammed into 3 houses in Barangay Lale and eventually exploded and burned the sleeping victims to their death.

Two more were injured from the incident who were identified as Arman Balundo and Romeo Balundo.

(Photo by Jeffrey Epoy Maranan)