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CALBAYOG CITY, Samar, March 25 (PNA) – The new city chief of police here vowed to enhance the capability of policemen to maintain peace and order in the city.

Supt. Marben Ordonia said it is a challenge to lead a city police office with only 66 policemen guarding the 157 villages of the city with more than 100,000 population.

“The ideal ratio is one policeman for every 500 population, but due to manpower constraint, the ratio in Calbayog is one police for more than 1,000 people,” Ordonia said. “The best that we can do now is to raise the capability of our existing policemen.”

The official, who formally assumed office on Monday, said he considers his assignment to Calbayog City as a homecoming, after he was assigned to the city two years ago to secure the national and local elections.

Ordonia was the company commander of the Samar Police Public Safety Company prior to his new assignment.

In his message, during the turn-over ceremony held on Tuesday, Ordonia considers his assumption as the new chief of Calbayog police station a tough journey, for he is aware of the difficult task he is to face.

The official believed that the city police station has been facing challenges, but he believed that these obstacles should serve as motivation to improve and enhance the capability of the personnel.

“I am well aware that I have my work cut out for me, but I am well prepared to take on the challenge,” Ordonia said.

He asked the support and cooperation of the uniformed and non-uniformed personnel of Calbayog Police Station in serving and providing police service to the public.

Meanwhile, Calbayog City Mayor Ronaldo Aquino welcomed the assignment of Ordonia as the new city police chief.

“I being the father of the city, am dreaming of a livable, peaceful city of Calbayog. That’s my wish, that’s my dream, that’s what I want.” Aquino said. “I am hoping for a very peaceful place here in Samar our very own Calbayog.”

He also encouraged the policemen to be diligent in helping and in performing their duties and do what a policeman need to improve the city.

For the past months, Calabayog residents were alarmed of the series of crime incidents particularly shooting incidents that happened in the different parts of city.

Based on reports of the Calbayog City police station, the total crime volume increased from 364 in 2013 to 436 in 2014. Reported total index crimes or crime against persons is 212 in 2013 and 280 in 2014.

The reported total non-index crimes were 152 in 2013 and 156 in 2014. Crimes committed with the use of firearms further increased from 48 in 2013 to 54 in 2014.

As of this writing, the Calbayog police has reported a total of 10 shooting incidents that happened in the city from January this year.

It was recalled that during the Regional Peace and Order Council Meeting held earlier this month, Mayor Ronaldo Aquino asked police Regional Director Chief Supt. Asher Dolina for additional personnel.

During the turn-over of command ceremony, Aquino happily announced that the police regional office has already acted on his request. Earlier, more than 200 policemen were assigned to the city.

“Although they are not assigned in the city as regular police force, their presence will be of great help to ensure the peace and order of Calbayog,” Aquino said. (PNA)