anti illegal drugs

NAVAL, Biliran, March 20 (PIA)- This time, finding solutions to the problem on illegal drugs does not solely rest on the government functionaries, as different civil society organizations (CSOs) in this town, signified their strong commitment in the campaign against this social menace.

“Time has come when no one government can stop the menace brought about by illegal drugs. It can not anymore just be the responsibility of one but the responsibility of all,” Naval Mayor Susan V. Parilla emphasized in her letter-invitation calling the different heads of civil society organizations in Naval to a meeting held recently at the Naval conference hall to come up with plan of actions geared toward fighting illegal drugs.

Engr. Warlito Alagao, head of the Knights of Columbus (K of C) of Naval Diocese, pushed the idea of posting tarpaulins bearing anti-illegal drug messages and asked the LGU to install closed circuit television cameras (CCTVs) in conspicuous and strategic places, this town.

“We will also post tarpaulin bearing anti-illegal drugs messages in every barangay,” the K of C head promised as the commitment of their group in the fight against illegal drugs

Another idea that cropped-up during the meeting was the holding of anti-illegal drugs fun run endorsed by Naval councilor Gabino S. Velasquez IV, who is also the president of the Biliran Medical Society.

“This is one way of bringing the message to the people behind the illegal activity that the people in the community are now well aware and vigilant on the wrong they have done in the community,” Velasquez informed.

Lolita Darantinao, representing the Catholic Women’s League (CWL) of the Dioese of Naval and Paulina Olaivar, representing Mother Butler, of the religious organizations in the diocese, suggested for a comprehensive information dissemination campaign in the community on the ill effects of illegal drugs.

Representatives of some CSOs also suggested to focus on schools in the information drive and even appealed to ask the officials of the Department of Education to include the teaching on the ill-effects of illegal drugs in schools.

Mayor Parilla also gave hotline numbers 09173087374 and 09126708668 to call on or send messages to, in case of any suspected illegal drugs activities spotted in the community. (ajc/fj/rvictoria/PIA 8 Biliran)