This is the story of George C. Capillo of Barangay Buenavista, San Isidro, Northern Samar, a former overseas Filipino worker (OFW) who failed to find success abroad but found it back home.

George, just like any other OFW, braved the loneliness of being away from his family dreaming to give a more comfortable life to his loved ones, said Patria Bigcas, chief of the Northern Samar Field Office of the Department of Labor and Industry in Eastern Visayas.

For some time, George worked as a carpenter in a construction company in Saudi Arabia. In 1996, however, he decided to come home, a victim of non-payment of wages by his employer.

Back home, George found it hard to find a stable job that would sustain his family. Still he just had to endure it for the sake of his family.

Luck came in May 2010, when he was chosen by the local chief executive as one of the beneficiaries of the Kabuhayan Starter Kit, which is being provided to returning OFWs by the Department of Labor and Employment.

To be able to avail himself of the government assistance, George submitted a business plan titled “Tables and Chairs Production for Rent.”

His proposal was approved. Then George was granted the materials and equipment needed to start his business, amounting to P5,668. With this kit, he was able to produce 10 pieces of square tables, 40 pieces of chairs and eight pieces of long tables or presidential tables.

His counterpart was his skills in carpentry which he applied in the production and design of the wooden tables and chairs for a rental business.

As his business became successful and his rental business in demand, George also had to hike the production of chairs and tables.

His rental business of tables and chairs was soon being patronized not only in San Isidro town but by the people in nearby municipalities as well.

George is grateful for the help the government had given him. The livelihood grant allowed him to increase his income and has helped his family live a better life in many ways.

Today, George also manages his sari-sari store, with capital coming from the rental business.

The assistance given by DOLE allowed George to turn around his situation from hopelessness to success, from the OFW who failed in Saudi to an entrepreneur in his home town where he is back in the company of his family.

His advice to people: “Assistance from the government must not be taken for granted. Use it properly because it will lead you to financial success.” (PIA 8)