NAVAL, Biliran (PIA) – Sixty-seven percent of the total project cost of the proposed infrastructure projects of the Department of Public Works and Highways-Biliran District Engineering Office (DPWH-BDEO) headed by Engr. David P. Adongay, District Engineer, for 2015 is intended for flood control and landslide protection projects.

Engr. Adongay reported that DPWH-BDEO submitted half a billion worth of proposed projects for 2015 prepared by Engr. Reynaldo P. Penaflor, chief of the planning and design section which is composed of four major item projects such as for national road, flood control and drainage, drainage and slope protection for approval at the DPWH central office based on a documents specifying the list of proposed infrastructure projects for Fiscal Year (FY) 2015.

Out of the P500M worth of total proposed projects of the BDEO for FY 2015, P170M is allocated for slope protection projects located in Biliran-Naval section at P40M; Looc-Tabunan section-P30M; Masagaosao-Bilwang section-P30M; Inasuyan-Acaban section-P20M; Culaba-Caibiran section-P20M; Caibiran-Cabucgayan section-P10M; and in Cabucgayan-Biliran section-P20M.

Flood control and drainage projects in the proposed 2015 DPWH-BDEO infra projects amounted to P130M which is composed of the construction and extension of Anas flood control project-P20M; construction and extension of Bagongbong flood control project-P20M; construction of Mapuyo flood control project-P20M; construction and extension of Amambahag flood control project-P20M; constructionand extension of Mapula flood control project-P20M; rehabilitation of Santol flood control-P10M; and construction of Catmon flood control project-P20M.

Reconstruction of drainage projects amounted also to P30M with project location along Naval-Caibiran Cross Country road -P10M; along Biliran circumferential road with exceptions-P10M; and along Biliran circumferential road-P10M.

National road projects amounting to P170M were also proposed for 2015 by DPWH-BDEO with project location in Maurang-Manlabang section-P40M; rehabilitation of Maripipi circumferential road-P48.5M; rehabilitation of Maripipi circumferential road-P46.5M; and road opening and concreting of Biliran diversion road to include payment of road right of way-P35M.