food-and-drug-administrationTACLOBAN CITY Dec. 6 (PNA) — The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has asked the public anew to be more conscious about buying and taking counterfeit medicines, citing its health risks.

FDA regional field supervisor Sonia Cabahit said that consumers must be vigilant in purchasing prescription medications from state-licensed pharmacies with drug registered products.

“Individuals should do their research first, consult their doctor and read product labels well before buying any medicine. They can report in our office if there are any adverse reactions,” Cabahit added.

Based on FDA’s product verification activity done between April to September 2016, there are 230 unregistered drug products available in Eastern Visayas.

“To avoid this problem, we monitor advertisements and claims, but we need the help of local government units to chase these false sellers for we cannot do it alone,” Cabahit told PNA.

According to FDA cluster director for Visayas Annabelle de Veyra, it takes an expert to scrutinize genuine medicines with the advent of technology and complicated process of examining products.

“What is important now is the social and moral responsibility of the distributors to the general public to provide safe, quality, efficient and authentic drugs because medicine can both heal and kill,” de Veyra added.

Under Republic Act 9711, any person caught selling fake medicines will face a one to 10 years of imprisonment or a fine of Php50,000 to Php100,000. (PNA) Ana Rose D. Cinco