Deapatment of Public Works and Highwys
Deapatment of Public Works and Highwys

CARIGARA, Leyte, May 6 (PNA) -– The Department of Public Works and Highways Leyte 2nd Engineering District (DPWH 2nd LED) will propose a new road network – an alternative route from Tacloban to Ormoc and down to the southern part of Leyte.

DPWH 2nd LED office chief Carlos Veloso revealed that they are proposing for the road opening from Villa Consuelo village in Jaro, Leyte to Ormoc City as a prime alternative route to the existing Palo-Carigara-Ormoc road, one of busiest road link in the region.

Veloso said it is high time to build alternative roads with the frequent soil erosion and flooding in existing vital national road networks in the province.

The district engineer cited the onslaught of typhoon Seniang in December 2014, which destroyed number of existing bridges, and a number of other lanes eroded or were closed due to landslides.

“Aside from reinforcing our existing road networks, we need to have alternative routes because our highways caters not only ordinary vehicles but also heavy ones which take their toll on our existing roads. And the changing climate that has set a new normal for storms is also affecting much of our road facilities,” Veloso said.

The DPWH field office is planning to propose the Jaro-Ormoc road for next year’s funding.

Consuelo village is located at the boundary of Jaro in Leyte’s second district and the mountain range of Ormoc City.

It was learned that aside from Jaro’s agricultural produce such as coconut, corn and other root crops, the village of Villa Consuelo is also home to one of Leyte’s untouched falls- the Duka Falls.

The whole village nestles on a slope within the Amandiwing Mountain Range with breathtaking view of mountains, forests and the profusion of tropical flora and fauna.

Opening a new road network here is seen to lessen travel time from Jaro to Ormoc by 45 minutes and address insurgency problem along these areas.

Jaro is located at the Carigara-Jaro-Burauen complex, one of the two known areas in the province of Leyte that are considered by military to be under the influence of insurgents due to its unexplored vast forest and mountainous areas.

Linking the province’s towns and districts have been undertaken over the years, providing better access for agricultural produce to be transported from the farms to the market and provide easier transportation and shorter travel time for passengers.

Leyte’s second and fourth districts are seeing the full completion of the Burauen-Albuera road that would connect the province’s east and western part. (PNA)