TACLOBAN CITY, Oct. 19 (PNA) –- Dengue cases in Eastern Visayas region has risen by more than 200 percent, as 4,965 cases are recorded from January until this week, the Department of Health (DOH) revealed.

DOH regional epidemiology and surveillance unit chief Roderick Boyd Cerro said that this was the second most number of recorded dengue cases in the region after 2010.

“The number of dengue cases for this year climbed up to more than 200 percent compared to last year in the same period of time,” Cerro told PNA.

The DOH has recorded 117 cases in Biliran province, 1,019 in Eastern Samar, 2,330 in Leyte, 474 in Northern Samar, 846 in Western Samar and 179 in Southern Leyte, with Guiuan, Eastern Samar having the most number of cases in a municipality.

They are anticipating at least 6,000 cases by the end of the year, according to Cerro, although the number of cases is expected to decline this quarter due to intensified awareness drive.

The health department said that the height of the occurrence of dengue starts from June until September during the onset of rainy season.

“The main reason of the increase in number of dengue cases was the abrupt changing of the weather which causes to augment the density of population of dengue carrying mosquitoes,” Cerro added.

The official encouraged the public to be attentive in making their homes dengue-free since mosquitoes can lay their eggs practically everywhere with even a small amount of water.

“Right from the start we have been adept in our advocacy campaign against dengue, but sometimes the people forget about this,” Cerro said.

Dengue fever is marked by an onset of sudden high fever, severe headache, pain behind the eyes, and pain in muscles and joints. Some may also have a rash and varying degree of bleeding from various parts of the body. (PNA)