Camp Ruperto Kangleon, Palo, Leyte- Crime incidents increased by 20 percent after Super Typhoon Yolanda (Haiyan) ravaged Eastern Visayas specifically Tacloban.

PCSUPT HENRY P LOSAÑES, Regional Director said, at that time all systems were down. There was no power, no water, nothing. People were desperate. They were looting.

Hence, with this report there was a rise in the number of crimes committed in EV for year 2013. This means that from January to December 2013, a marked increase in number of crimes committed both in index and non-index crimes was at 15, 316 compared to year 2012 which was at 4, 420 or 22% increased.

Another reason was the fact that the crime reports as mandated by PNP National Headquarters to include those that were committed at the barangay level. This is said to be purposely done to have a better picture of our communities in the whole Region 8.

To note, Index Crimes involved crimes against persons such as murder, homicide, physical injury, rape and against property to include robbery, theft, carnapping/carjacking and cattle rustling. Non-index crimes, on the other hand, are violations of special laws such as illegal logging or local ordinances.

Data show that there was a fluctuating movement on the average monthly crime rate from year 2009 to year 2014. The Average Monthly Crime Rate for year 2009 was at 57.63 per 4, 222, 000 population, then it decreased the following year to 10.35 at 4,480, 000 people, but jumped to 16.08 in 2011 at 3, 915, 000 population; then lowered again at 9.00 in 2012 at 4, 091, 000 people; then increased at 30.86 in 2013 at 4, 140, 000 and at 50. 94 in 2014 at 4, 137, 000.

Based on the statistics of non index crimes from year 2009 to 2014 there was an increased of crime incidents from 2, 282 to 2, 786 respectively. While for incidents categorized as index crimes it decreases as shown below:

Total Index Crime Against Person

Murder: 2009–622 cases ,2010-429 cases , 2011-394 cases , 2012-427 cases, 2013-48 cases, 2014-319 cases,

Physical Injury : 2009 –7,045 cases , 2010 –107 cases , 2011 –1644 cases, 2012 – 914 cases , 2013 –4114 cases , 2014 –4093 cases

Against Property (Robbery) : 2009 –1243 cases, 2010 –496 cases, 2011 –476 cases, 2012 –332 cases, 2013 –644 cases, 2014 –531 cases

Non-Index Crimes (Violation of Special Laws) : 2009 –2282 cases, 2010 –795 cases, 2011 –1444 cases, 2012 –1157 cases, 2013 –2120 cases, 2014 –2786 cases

Meanwhile, PCSUPT LOSANES emphasizes that there are many ways of curbing, if not totally eliminating crime. And that is to continuously increase police presence and visibility especially in crime hot spots.

Further, with the cooperation of local government units and civil society, crime can also be eliminated through the implementation of community prevention by way of developing neighborhood watch programs. So with this, the Total Crime Cleared for year 2014 was 4, 186 and the Total Crime Solved was 3, 821. Compared to 2013 which was at 5, 170 and 3, 157 respectively, he added.

The public is encouraged to join hand together with the law enforcement agencies in maintaining peace and order by being vigilant. Likewise, the community is enjoined to provide any information that will lead to the identification and eventual arrest of criminals through the following: Dial 117 or text 2920; RTOC 09173114794/09478907155 and Isumbong Mo Kay Tsip 09178475757.