BAYBAY CITY, Leyte, May 3 (PNA) — After it was ravaged by the strongest typhoon in 2013, SC Global Coco Products, Inc. (SGCPI) stayed and rebuild their plant in this city, owing their stay the local government’s “after care” initiative.

Emmanuel S. Licup, SGCPI managing director, said that the company has considered transferring their investment to Batangas, however the business-friendly environment made them stay.

Licup said they have chosen this city as home of their investment because the city and nearby towns can supply their daily requirement of raw coconuts.

Other reasons why their firm operates in this city are the five-year tax holiday, proximity of the city to Cebu where an international port is located and good relationship with the city government.

Licup also lauded the city government’s initiative to include business leaders in the formulation of local development plans.

“After Yolanda, our plant was literally flattened. We immediately rebuild and the local government helped us reestablish a good internet connection,” Licup shared.

The local government also backed the SGCPI in their bid to have a direct power connection from the main grid that generated savings in their electric bill.

Located in Caridad village , SGCPI get supplies from 1,382 farmers in 62 villages in Leyte and Southern Leyte or 7,000 hectares of certified organic coconut farms. According to Licup SGCPI is a source of the best coconuts in the Philippines for organic products of the highest quality.

The company is part of the city’s industrial tourism destination being pushed by the local government, it can accommodate up to 80 student-tourists listening to lectures on processing of coco-based products and tour to the company’s plants. (PNA)