Leyte 2nd District Congressman Serging Apostol (Left) and businessman Henry Ong.


CARIGARA, Leyte, (PNA) – A neophyte politician in Leyte is keen on toppling one of the oldest political dynasty in this province by bringing his advocacy to the grassroots level.

Businessman Henry Ong, 43, said he’s been ready to challenge the man who is four decades older than him – Leyte 2nd district Rep. Sergio Apostol.

Of the 14 mayors in the district, only his brother, Carigara Mayor Eduardo Ong is openly supporting him.

“I might be new to politics, but I am ready in all aspects. I am ready until the end. I believe I can sustain my campaign until the end and I have no plan in backing out,” said Ong, who was responsible for the rapid growth of his family’s Cherry Foodarama chain of grocery stores.

Apostol is unfazed by what others considered as his toughest opponent since he entered politics in the past three decades. His wife, Trinidad, a former solon and mayor is running as board member.

His daughter, Board Member Anlie will make a comeback as Carigara town mayor.

“There are always challengers in every election, but people have seen how we worked hard to bring developments in central part of Leyte,” Apostol said.

Participatory governance and leadership by consultation will be the basis of Ong’s leadership, once elected.

“I am serious with my candidacy, true to my plans in leadership by consultation, I already visited almost 30 percent of the 501 villages in the second district of Leyte,” he added.

The purpose of his visit is to consult the people with “things that matters to them and their needs.”

“In this manner, I get inspiration from talking and sharing information with them,” Ong said.

With the criticism hurled against him from Apostol’s camp, who tagged Ong as “all talk and like an empty can,” he said that he’s still motivated with what happened to his brother.

Eduardo was also criticized, but won as mayor against the Apostol clan in 2013, he recalled.

“Financially, we are comfortable and we are more than prepared. We believe that we can sustain our campaign, we are for service and for our name,” he added. (PNA)