NAVAL, Biliran, Oct. 11 (PNA) – Policemen in this town get incentives from the local government for arresting drug traders during buy-bust operations.

The provision of PHP15,000 cash incentive from the town government is part of their support to the national government’s anti-drug war.

“I strongly believe that this incentive will empower them because we recognise them for performing their duties,” Mayor Gerard Espina said.

Giving cash rewards to policemen after successful buy-bust operations and other police operations against criminals were one of the promises of Espina during his inaugural speech when he assumed post on July 1.

Aside from incentives, the local government will also install police outpost in villages, especially along entry and exit points.

“This will allow village officials and law enforcement team to monitor people who are coming in and out of their village,” Espina explained.

For drug surrenderers, the city government will implement a reintegration program in partnership with the Technical Education and Skills Development Authority, local police and religious sector.

“We want them to be assessed. For those who are not in critical condition, they will undergo skills training before they can be reintegrated to the community,” Espina said.

Local government officials and employees recently underwent mandatory drug test last month. Nobody were found positive of illegal drugs use.

Drug test among officials and employees will be done annually, according to Espina.

Aside from anti-drug campaign, he also asked their local police to intensify security operations against robbers, rapists and other criminals.

Observance of curfew hours is also implemented in the town to ensure that “minors will not be influenced and corrupted by bad elements.”

“I humbly expect full cooperation on this matter because we want to assure that we can make Naval a cool and safe place to live in,” Espina said.

Naval is the capital town of Biliran province which is politically subdivided into 26 villages. (PNA)