TACLOBAN CITY, May 31 (PNA) — The Tacloban City Rescue Unit (TACRU) has launched an information drive to help residents here prepare for the rainy season.

The campaign is now concentrated on the city’s 25 villages tagged as flood prone areas and 36 communities identified as vulnerable to landslide.

“People are becoming more aware, as far as taking precaution, but definitely, there are many people who still don’t want to understand,” said Rene Moshe Amana, operations and warning officer of Tacloban disaster risk reduction and management office.

The coming of La Niña in the region has sent the city into high gear. The City Engineering employees have been busy clearing and declogging canals and waterways. TACRU have already issued warnings to families living in areas considered high risk.

The city’s firefighters and police officers – who are then the first responders in emergency situations – have undergone trainings to evaluate risks.

After supertyphoon Yolanda razed the city to ground in 2013, the Tacloban rescue team had undergone trainings where they were able to practice swift water rescues.

The city urged residents to be prepared for emergency plans especially the potential impacts of La Niña.

Last week, the state weather bureau predicted more rainy days in the second half of 2016, that may lead to flooding around the low-lying areas in the community and possible landslides.

“Heavy rains should put us on notice that La Niña is very real and are going to be with us through this rainy season,” Amano said.

“The rain and all that came along with it, the flooding knows no boundaries and its absolutely important that we continue to do what we are doing, which is collaborate, share information and first and foremost keeping people safe,” he added. (PNA)